Coach Fired For ‘Misusing School Bus’ – We Think His ‘Reason’ Is Beer Worthy!

Published on June 24, 2017

Seems a minor infraction compared to what some other people have gotten away with.

It’s not like they were…

… embroiled in pay-for-play scandals.

… using taxpayer to manipulate Israeli elections.

… accused of Contempt of Congress

… running the secure information through a private email server

… busted for surfing porn when he was supposed to be giving psych counseling to a VA vet.

So why were they fired?

He used his bus to make a run to the store.

Maybe it wasn’t the store run ITSELF that got him in trouble.

Maybe it was the fact that they were buying beer. Or that they were coaches … who left their high school students unsupervised while they made the run.

Or that they were away at a 3-day camp, but everyone had to leave early because the beer store clerk ratted them out… and they were fired before they came home.

Where did they even FIND these coaches? Were they the real-life inspiration for these clods?

They BOTH left? That was dumb. And they’d even didn’t think to call an Uber, rather than use the bus?

Dang. Maybe the next coaches will at least a little smarter than that.

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