DEAR CNN: What If Conservatives Made A ‘Play’ About Obama’s Assassination – Would That Be ‘ART?’

Published on June 13, 2017

A lot of things are being done in the name of ‘art’ lately. But does that make them right?

Gather your liberal friends around, it’s time to ask them two questions.

First, what do they think about the Shakespeare in the Park in New York where they are doing a modernized version of Julius Ceasar (including the assassination scene) with a Trump double playing the role of Julius Ceasar?

Find out whether they think it’s high art or social commentary, propaganda, or as some have now called the new genre of Trump-murder fantasies ‘assassination porn’.

Get their thoughts about what they think of the ‘small changes’ in the play.

The Senate acting (at least in their own minds) lawfully as the only check-and-balance against the power Ceasar had taken by force, slew him on the Senate floor.

In the remake, it was women and minorities.

Are they still liking it?

When Shakespeare wrote his plays, he wrote of kings and situations of the past. He did not depict the glories or failures of LIVING monarchs. For any number of reasons, some more practical than others.

Now imagine this was presented, not with Trump as central, but with Obama.

Was it performed in such a way before? Sure, but it didn’t receive national attention. It was done quietly in a corner were few even noticed.

But let’s say they ran the Obama version in New York. Or Chicago. Or Washington.

Is the play still ok? Or would the left be setting up some ‘midnight protests’ in front of their sponsors’ headquarters?

And before you agree that it would be ‘fine’ with Obama being assassinated…don’t forget:

Here is the crap WE had to put up with for even CRITICIZING him… let alone play-acting his assassination.

Black Democrats: criticism of Barack Obama is rooted in racism
Senior black Democrats have claimed the intensity of the anger shown by opponents of US President Barack Obama is largely rooted in racism.

CNN documentary: Republicans are racists for opposing Obama

Every time we turn around, we see riots or protests or hit pieces that NYT or CNN are forced to retract… only to launch out with another one.

Then we learn about how Obama weaponized the IRS against Tea Party groups… and then stonewalled the FOIA requests.

We learn about Fast & Furious, and how Obama stonewalled the FOIA requests.

We learn about Loretta Lynch (who secretly met with the subject of an investigation) told Comey to massage the language of the investigation into Hillary. And by the way, Hillary was promising Lerner could keep her job should she win the election in November!

We are even now seeing scandals, and abuses of that ‘pen and that phone’ in Obama’s administration that would convince some Patriots that Obama had gone down the same road that Ceasar did.

That hot mic video with the Russians doesn’t help any. Nor does his bending backward to keep Iran happy.

An Obama assassination could conceivably even fit within the historical context. But would it be ACCEPTABLE?

We ALL know you’d be outraged. You’d interrupt it. Shout it down.

BLM would be there with their chants and their megaphones. Windows would be broken. Fires would be started.

What are the Right doing with respect to this show in New York?

We’re telling them they’ve crossed the line of decency.

And the left — who have protested milk as being racist, and IVORY soap for being too white — is outraged, calling us ‘anti-art’.

Weird world we live in, now isn’t it?

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