DEAR LADIES: This Bathing Suit Will Make Pool Boys Scream, ‘WTF?’

Written by K. Walker on June 12, 2017

Wanna be the talk of the town? Wear THIS to the pool. No one will EVER forget you.

And the pool boys will scream ‘WTF?’

This women’s bathing suit is available in different skin tones.

But it’s not what it shows off that makes it shocking it’s the image itself.

The $44 (£35) costume, designed by Beloved Shirts, is available in different skin tones and has been shown off to the company’s 105,000 Instagram followers.

The ‘Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit’ comes with the slogan: ‘Make the pool boy say “WTF!”‘ and is the latest in a string of quirky designs from the company, whose own tagline is ‘Yep – they’re real!’

The costume is available in sizes from XS to XXL and is offered in ‘dark’ and ‘tan’.

Here’s the whole truckload of disturbing:

And in case you were wondering, yes, the image does go around to the back:

So, would you wear it?

Or buy it for a loved one?

The question is, would it make people look more at the woman or less?

Asking for a friend with daughters in their teens.

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