The Left Unleashes Alinsky’s Rule #11 — And It Backfires On Them

Written by Jeannie DeAngelis on June 25, 2017

Rule #11 of Saul Alinsky’s primer for community organizers and political activists, Rules for Radicals, teaches its students that ” ‘If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.’ Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.”

The premise of the rule is that if you push-push-push a negative such as: “Trump colluded with the Russians to win an election,” whomever the accusation is aimed toward will become so angry and frustrated they’ll eventually erupt. Violence directed toward the Alinsky side would make the culprits appear to be the “underdog,” which would result in power gained from the public having pity on the villains.

The problem is that the left applied, and continues to apply, Rule #11, but instead of it being a “positive” for the left it’s become a positive for the right.

Democrats pushing hard against Trump with Russia accusations is tantamount to the Alinsky left loading and aiming a cannon. Now, the cannon has backfired and killed the people in charge of priming the piece with gunpowder and lighting the fuse.

Liberals had hoped that the allegations would culminate in a positive outcome for them. The expectation was that Trump supporters would turn violent, which would garner public support for the perpetrators of a lie the left swears is true.

But instead, turns out liberals are the frustrated angry ones. Liberals are the ones turned violent. And for them, worst of all, number 11 on Alinsky’s list of Rules for Radicals has resulted in public sympathy for the very people the left had hoped to destroy.

Instead of things going their way, the opposite happened. The negative push has become a negative – not a positive – for liberals applying the rule.

Psalm 69:22: “Let their own table before them become a snare; and when they are at peace, let it become a trap.”

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Jeannie DeAngelis
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