LMAO! The Internet Melts Over Trump Swimsuit – Would You Wear It Ladies?

Is it for Trump fans or the anti-Trump crowd? Is it for BOTH?!?

What do you think of this?

Is it awesome or disrespectful?

And an even more important question, would you wear it?

From the same crazy minds at Beloved Shirts that brought you the hairy man-chest swimsuit, comes this creation.

The nude colored swimsuit has the face of President Trump with a surprised expression.

Donald Trump’s face has appeared on plenty of merchandise since he has become president, but nothing is quite as bizarre as seeing his ‘shocked’ face on a women’s one-piece swimsuit.

Beloved Shirts, the quirky company behind the viral ‘hairy chest’ one-piece, is back with yet another swimsuit that will be sure to give beachgoers a double take.

For $49.95 (down from $59.95), customers can purchase the label’s ‘Shocked Trump One-Piece Swimsuit’ — which is just as unsettling as it sounds.
Source: Daily Mail

You know, that’s not a bad price for a swimsuit…

That’s one way to make sure that your Conservative values get displayed to the world.

And the comments rolled in…

And the best comment?

Right here:



With these new bathing suits, it looks like the beach is going to be quite interesting this summer.

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