LMAO: Ivy-League School Gets BUSTED For Bizarre Racist Application Policy

Published on June 12, 2017

If you were wondering why so many minorities OPPOSE affirmative action, THIS is exactly why.

And the kicker is that the editor reporting this story thinks this is a problem of RACE, rather than IDEOLOGY. We’ll come back to that in a moment.

Let’s start with the issue.

Not long after an activist made the news for being admitted into Stanford for — and we’re not even kidding — for writing Black Lives Matter 100 times on Twitter.

Princeton is the school that’s under investigation here. Their admissions criterion are under scrutiny because of racism claims.

With so much riding on ‘attending the right school’ (to say nothing of the valuable connections that can be formed there) the question of bias becomes relevant.

Who are they accepting, who are they excluding, and is that decision based on fair criteria, or bias?

Here is the lawsuit Princeton is currently fighting.

Students for Fair Admissions, an anti-affirmative action group that has made a practice of suing elite colleges over their admissions policies, is pushing for the release of all the documents, claiming they contain proof of racial discrimination.

The group — led by Edward Blum, who has crusaded to end race-based laws across the country, including the Voting Rights Act — has demanded access to the Education Department’s full investigation, including years of data and detailed admissions files for hundreds of applicants.

Only a small number of those files have so far been handed over, after Princeton took the unusual step of suing to block the release of the rest, claiming it would violate students’ privacy and damage the university’s reputation.

What are the findings that may serve as ‘proof of racial discrimination’?

Here are a few examples (original source):

No cultural flavor? Isn’t rejecting people based on things they cannot control a BAD thing?

Unless, of course they are actively seeking out race-based social justice activists, to reward them with a ‘prestigious’ education.

This all rings true to Warren Meyer, a Princeton grad who has written that he quit interviewing applicants for the school because he was tired of giving them “BS” canned answers when they got rejected:

I felt like I was being asked to lie if I told Asian kids they did not face discrimination in the process. …

One merely has to look at the percentage of kids with Asian heritage at Princeton and compare it to universities like Berkeley that have color-blind admissions systems.

Analyzing the documents BuzzFeed News obtained in light of his own experience, Meyer writes that “the admissions department has very particular attitudes about race and ethnicity”:

It appears that race does not “count” if the student involved hasn’t done something to highlight their race. Or put another way, the admissions folks seem to be penalizing minority candidates for not obsessing about their race. …

I am guessing these are all code words for, “we don’t see any race-based activism in this person’s past.” So we only want kids who obsess about their race and ethnicity, and perhaps act really angry about it. We don’t want African-Americans or Hispanics or Native Americans who just seem like normal, reasonably happy, well-adjusted smart kids. — CollegeFix

You would think that the editor at College fix would put 2 and 2 together. But he’s laying the blame on racist white folks.

If you’re nonwhite and you want to get into Princeton, start talking and acting like right-thinking white people think you should act. –CollegeFix

If they only want kids that obsess about their race and are perhaps only really angry about it… aren’t those LEFT-leaning?

Why would ‘right-thinking white people’ want to selectively favor leftists for admission? That seems pretty stupid and short-sighted. Wouldn’t that DISADVANTAGE more conservative students — including high-performing Asian students, among them?

No, it’s the Progressives and their intersectional feminism who are absolutely obsessed by race, sex, subgroups, victimhood and other aspects of identity politics.

And this problem is going to continue as we keep picking one victim group after another who will need ‘saving’ by the use of affirmative action.

In the meantime, you will be choosing NOT to have the ‘best and the brightest’.

If your goal is to destroy your reputation as a prestigious University, that’s the right way to do it.

Even better, you could be on the hook for a MASSIVE class action lawsuit. For racism.

And that sound you’ll hear in your ivory towers? That will be the mocking laughter of Americans in ‘flyover country’.

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