Melania Doesn’t Want To Mingle In D.C. – Do You Blame Her?

Written by K. Walker on June 26, 2017

In today’s toxic neighborhood, who would even WANT to?

It’s apparently ‘big news’ that Melania doesn’t want to hob nob with all the DC swamp critters.

Is that so surprising?

Two weeks into her new life as a full-time Washingtonian, Melania Trump is staying true to her reputation as more homebody than social butterfly.

Not that she hasn’t been busy fulfilling her duties as first lady and first mom.

Her top priority has been settling in 11-year-old son Barron — the first boy in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. more than 50 years ago.– Read More

Is there some sort of unwritten obligation to become an extravert just because your husband won an election?

Mrs. Trump told ‘Fox and Friends’ this week that she’s enjoying White House life so much that she doesn’t really miss New York. Barron is ‘all settled’ and ‘loves it here,’ she said…

…Questions remain, though, about what kind and how social a first lady Mrs. Trump will be.

Will she dine out at the city’s trendiest restaurants? Pedal up a sweat at SoulCycle spinning classes? Try to go incognito on a Target shopping run?

‘I don’t know anybody in New York who knows her or ever sees her socially and I suspect that will be the same here,’ said Sally Quinn, an author and Washington hostess.

Even the president has described his third wife, a 47-year-old former model and native of Slovenia, as more happy at home than working the social scene.
Source: Daily Mail

What does ‘I don’t know anybody in New York who knows her or even sees her socially’ translate to in ordinary English?

It means she doesn’t know the ‘important people’ that I know. Or, said differntly … she’s not one of us.

Well, duh. She doesn’t hang with the socially-inbred echo chamber of ‘important people’ from New York.

People, we’re guessing will check every acceptable box of socially acceptable points of view, and renew their positions as conventions change.

People who were Maxxed Out for Hillary in their donations, and go to all the ‘right’ parties.

News flash, Sally, there are a lot of people who would deliberately schedule a root canal so they would have an excuse NOT to attend such parties.

And maybe the possibility that Melania is one of them makes her even MORE popular with ordinary Americans.

Did you think of that? Probably not.

Besides — have you forgotten Inauguration Day? You should be GLAD she’s not going to your little shin-digs.

She’d out-class you all anyway.

If you think they’re catty now, imagine how they’d be if she kept upstaging them at their little ‘events’.

The poor dears.

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