PETA Asks Twitter For ‘Reasons To Eat Bacon’ – PETA Immediately Regrets It

Published on June 30, 2017

Ah, PETA. Don’t ever change.
We love every bone in your head.

PETA made that critical error. They asked an open-ended question to a hostile audience.

This is what happens when you are arrogant and think you have all the answers.

It was hilarious.

The answers ranged from the serious and logical…


Food Services.

To more playful…



To openly mocking:

For most of them, PETA had some sort of a lame response.

They often backfired.

A common-sense response:

Even Ben Shapiro — who keeps Kosher, and never eats bacon couldn’t resist getting in on it. He gave as good a reason as any:

Well, done PETA.

You made your point.

You reminded us all just how delicious crispy bacon is. In fact, I should probably go make myself a BLT now.

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