Is Susan Rice A ‘Victim Of Racism & Sexism’ Or Just Another Lying Liberal Chick?

Published on June 30, 2017

Is she just hiding behind weasel words? “I wouldn’t call him sexist and racist, but –”

Susan Rice isn’t happy.

Her grand accomplishments are evaporating. And she thinks it’s personal.

What reason — besides personal animus — could possibly explain pulling out of the Climate Accord, or his Cuba policy reversing hers, or what he’s said about that Iran deal?

It’s not about reversing bad policy. It could only be explained by a personal vendetta.

Now why would someone so high-ranking in a government that had unprecedented scandals and examples of being weaponized against private citizens assume a President was motivated by a personal vendetta?

That couldn’t be a window into the operations of the Previous President, could it?

And what’s got her really worked up? The unmasking issue.

She’s especially bitter that organizations like Judicial Watch continue to look into Rice’s efforts to “unmask” certain Trump transition officials named in foreign surveillance records. JW says the move is evidence that the Obama team “weaponized” information against the incoming administration.

She says the investigation is tantamount to a witch hunt. Judicial Watch says that Rice and her colleagues were so desperate to hide evidence that she may have violated rules protecting classified information. It says that they quickly shifted all documents related to the case to Obama’s Presidential Library, effectively sealing them for at least five years. —Read More

She probably figured Obama would be replaced by Hillary. Which would mean that she’d never be held accountable for anything. She may now have to answer that age-old question:

What did she know, and when did she know it?

And THAT has NOTHING to do with her sex or skin color. She’ll be judged by the content of her character.

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