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Teen Vogue Writer Wishes Trump DEAD – Guess Who Wrote Her A GLOWING Letter?

Maybe THIS is what Democrats meant by ‘they go low, we go high’.

And remember how they taunted Trump after the debates with their ‘will you accept the result’ questions?

Just who is it that’s your ‘threat to democracy’ now? Looks like it was their side all along!

In case you weren’t sure how petty, shallow and ugly the Left is in their politics, here’s one more example for our list, even before Kathy Griffin has had a chance to gather the shattered pieces of her career.

She writes for Salon, a rag that has drifted so far left, one of its own founders doesn’t even recognize it.

“Sadly, Salon doesn’t really exist anymore,” wrote Laura Miller, one of Salon’s founding editors who left the site for Slate last fall. “The name is still being used, but the real Salon is gone.” – Read more

So it shouldn’t surprise you that Lauren Duca has some pretty cliche political biases. They show up in uplifting little tweets like this:

One of her more recent pieces is about Reality Winner. (You may remember her praise of the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden?) For her leaks, she’s praised as the protagonist in a media-versus-government piece she wrote. Which, predictably, degenerates into a cliche ‘look how dumb Trump is’ diatribe.

Maybe Lauren was one of the complicit media contacts Ms. ‘Winner’ had her mom contact on her behalf. Or maybe she’s just so bound up in her ideological hatred of all things right-of-center she’s naturally inclined to side with her. Fighting in the name of Freedom. Just like the Taliban… or something.

Now you know who it is that’s getting the glowing praise. Have you guessed who is providing it yet?

Yes, indeed. Ms. You go low we go high herself. (Has anyone asked her yet whether she’s going to accept the election results, or continue to be that threat to democracy she warned us about in the debates?)

It’s Hillary Clinton. Imagine my shock.

She’s saying the Internet is not a friendly place to women. After she tweets a joke about wishing Trump to die in a plane crash.

Your victim card is maxed out, Hillary. Move on.

It’s not like she’s the first such lefty to wish death upon our President. (That must mean what they meant about being ‘nasty’.)

Look at a (partial) list of other calls to assassinate President Trump that ClashDaily has reported on since the Election:

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And this ‘artistic joke’:

BOOM! Kathy Griffin Gets INSTANT KARMA!

Because #LoveTrumpsHate

Share if their callous disregard for human life has now become standard issue for their party.