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Trump DROPKICKS London’s Muslim Mayor For Saying PC Stupid Crap AFTER Attack

One of these two men is showing REAL leadership. Guess which one?

London does NOT have a Rudy Giuliani as mayor. Their guy is more of a Neville Chamberlain, shouting ‘peace in our time’.

And Neville’s comfort of safety did Europe a LOT of good in September of 1938, as countries were falling to Hitler like dominoes, right?

Here are the mayor’s platitudes words of comfort to the people of London:

In an interview on TV, Khan had said: ‘Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. There’s no reason to be alarmed.’

And here is Mayor Khan’s message:

(News flash, Khan, If you will not name it as Islamic Terror, you have ALREADY been cowed by it.)

Where are the Winston Churchills who had recognized the rising danger, and called for the nation to defend against it?

THIS is the voice we need to hear from The UK.

They have a few voices speaking up. But they need more. And fast.

Because what are we up against? Stories like THIS one about the sister of the Manchester bomber speaking in Arabic about ‘entering paradise’, 48 hours after her brother tore the faces off of little girls with a nail bomb.

These are neither isolated nor lone wolves. This is a systemic attack on the West by the young men of military age who flooded over their borders.

At what point — and after how many dead — will we stop calling them refugees, and start calling them a hostile force?

ClashDaily’s Big Dawg, Doug Giles, doesn’t hold back what he thinks.

Share if OUR fear and political correctness is a weapon these cowards use against us.

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