What This ‘Undocumented Worker’ Did To Little Girl Will Break Your Heart And Make You Mad

Written by K. Walker on June 30, 2017

Hey, Open Borders peeps. He ‘made the parents watch’. Is THIS SOB a ‘bad hombre’?

As you read this, keep in mind how aggressively Obama’s administration gave early release to drug dealers because they’re not ‘property or violent crime’.

This guy killed 29 people. But what he did to this little kid is unspeakably evil.

We’ll come to what he did to the kid shorty. But first, so you can more fully realize what a monster he is, let’s look at the ‘why’.

He hurt that kid over a shipment of marijuana. You know, it’s that ‘harmless’ drug that ‘never killed anyone.

A 39-year-old witness told of the girl’s sickening death, which he said he was forced to watch after being held responsible for a missing shipment of marijuana.

Oops. There goes that ‘victimless crime’ narrative.

The witness, a convicted trafficker who was not named for his own protection, told the court he was forced to witness 18 killings in a single night as punishment for losing the drugs, and as a warning to cover the loss, My San Antonio reports.
At one property was a husband, wife and little girl tied up and blindfolded on the patio, he recalled, with a fire burning in a barrel nearby.
He was forced to kneel and the group had their blindfolds removed so they could watch as Millan dismembered the child while she was still alive.

Through tears, the man described the girl’s screams as her arm and leg were cut off before being burned in the flaming barrel.

Laughing, Millan told the watching parents: ‘[This is] so you’ll remember me.’

For years he operated with impunity, helping to smuggle millions of dollars worth of drugs over the border and killing anyone who got in his way. –read more

This guy lived in Texas. Let that sink in.

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