VIRAL: Highway Sign PERFECTLY Altered to MOCK Hillary

Published on June 18, 2017

That sign looked like it needed a little something.

It only took a couple of extra letters.

Full points for their creativity!

We know, we know…

‘don’t mess with street signs’

Even so,

It doesn’t make it any less funny.

A sign marking the Crooked Hill Road exit on the Sagtikos Parkway was defaced to read “Crooked Hillary,” officials said.

Photos posted to social media show that someone had altered the green traffic sign to read “Crooked Hillary,” a moniker often used by President Donald Trump during his campaign to refer to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
Source: Newsday

A spokesperson from the New York State Department Of Transportation said that the ‘graffiti’ on the sign was reported on Wednesday and promptly removed, adding, ‘Defacing public signs is illegal.’

True, but this was hilarious!

At least they snapped some pics before it got taken down!

Team Hillary will HATE this, so share the Hell out of it!