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Watch: Crazy Mom Attacks Cops With Knife- Cops Send Her To Dante’s Easy Bake

When the cop with the gun says ‘get back’ — do it.
Or else you will become BLM’s new favorite cause.

It began innocently enough. Cops responded to a call. She had been robbed, and they arrived on scene to offer help.

Security footage showed police discussing the situation with someone inside the apartment. It seemed like everything was under control.

Until it wasn’t.

‘Get Back’ the police told her.

More than once.

She didn’t.


Here’s the rest of the story:

‘If you guys wanna come back here,’ she is heard saying to the police, before telling them she had an Xbox, necklace, bag, and other clothing stolen.
The encounter then takes a dramatic turn, as one of the officers is heard shouting: ‘Get back, get back, get back.’

Lyles is then heard saying, ‘get ready, motherf***ers’, as one of the two officers tells police dispatch: ‘We need help… a woman with two knives.’
He then tells his colleague to stun the woman, but the second cop replies to his partner: ‘I don’t have a taser’.
Shots were fired just moments later.
Then, the first officer begins talking to police dispatch again, and can be heard saying: ‘Suspect is down, we need officers on-scene, we need medics as well. We are not under control’.
Video footage from the hallway appears to match up with the police audio, and at the end of the footage an officer is seen quickly backing out of the apartment with his gun raised. — read more

An unstable pregnant woman with two knives — whose sister was arrested for harassment and obstruction of a public official — came at the police in an enclosed space.

And don’t forget the police officer said ‘I don’t have a taser’.

Well, how do you THINK this was going to end? She was shot dead.

BLM will tell the sob story and paint her as a martyr. Just like they did with discredited ‘hands up don’t shoot’ and ‘gentle giant’ narratives.

Would it be better if the cop had a taser? Possibly, but there’s no way of knowing she wouldn’t have fallen on the knives anyway.

It would have been better still if she hadn’t come after the cops with knives.

And better than that, had she received whatever help she needed.

But who will they blame? The cops who answered HER call for help with a ‘robbery’ in the first place.

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