WATCH: Psycho Wife Wants Divorce, Has Model Try To SEDUCE Husband – HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED

Written by K. Walker on June 7, 2017

This wife is a nutjob. She actually WANTS a divorce, so she sets up her husband to cheat on her.

She says, ‘All men are cheaters.

Looks like somebody’s been drinking deep from the well of Third Wave Feminism…

The woman called Julie, from the US, appeared on the popular YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater.

She explained that she wanted a reason to divorce her husband so turned to the infidelity experts…

…The model, wearing a skin-tight dress, claimed she was on her way to a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot.

The model heavily flirted with the husband, who is an accountant, and even squeezed his bicep. At one point, he told the model: ‘I do enjoy going to the gym.’

She then suggested that they should go out on a date together.
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What will this bro do?

Is psycho hose-beast Julie right about the nature of men?

Besides look at the harpy that he’s got at home…

Language warning:

Well, that backfired.

Awww… is the psycho hose-beast of a wife disappointed that her husband didn’t cheat?

Looks like somebody honors his wedding vows — despite being propositioned by an alleged Victoria Secret model.

Good luck on that divorce, Julie.

You tried to entrap him into cheating.

And the internet is forever.

So much for cashing in on the divorce.

I’m sure your accountant husband can get himself a darn good lawyer.

He’ll be motivated after watching this video.

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