WATCH: Did Ted Nugent Say He Was Going To ‘DIAL DOWN’ On His Rhetoric ?

Written by K. Walker on June 18, 2017

Badass rocker Ted Nugent said something in the wake of the Alexandria shooting that NOBODY expected he’d say…

The no nonsense, feisty, take-no-prisoners Detroit rocker has used some pretty harsh language against political enemies in the past.

Recently, The Nuge spoke to Eboni Williams, and a clip of the interview was played on the Fox News show ‘The Specialists‘. In it, he says that he’s going to dial back his language and challenges his political opponents to do the same.

He credits Shemane with his change of heart.

Watch it here:

Ted promises that he’s not going to back down — but he is going to make sure that his words can’t be pointed to as the cause for some nutjob going ballistic and hurting people.

We need to have open political discourse, and we’re losing that ability. It’s unfortunately become increasingly polarized, and the fringe violent rhetoric is making its way to the mainstream.

You can see some of that on both sides. Though, to be fair, it’s still quite a bit on the fringe on the right.

There were all those reactions after November 9, from outright violence by Antifa to the hate-filled tweets. Disrupt J20, The Nasty Women’s March speeches — like when Madonna repeatedly referred to her notes to make sure that she expressed her pre-written outrage and her musings about ‘blowing up the White House.’ Or the many, many calls for assassination. The Snoop Dogg video, the Kathy Griffin ISIS video, the Shakespeare in the Park production are all examples of how manistream the violent chatter is on the Left. And Republicans don’t have a Congressman actively egging it on.

The shooting of GOPers was enough of a wake-up call for Ted Nugent, though. He’s a public figure with a public platform. He knows that people will listen to what he says and some lunatic could hear what he’s said and take it to an extreme level.

Do you think this will bring back some of the civility in our political discussions?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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