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News Clash

WTF? Bro Just Announced He’s PREGNANT — Doesn’t That Make Him A CHICK?

Should we even bother with health class anymore? We’re just making it up as we go along.

“Pregnant dude.” Because — apparently — that’s a thing now.

Everything you thought you know about the birds and the bees is irrelevant.

That, or they are in denial of reality.

But saying that out loud? That’s hate speech.

If someone is equipped with FUNCTIONAL ‘lady-parts’, calling her a ‘woman’ has become insensitive.

she isn’t a ‘she’.
She’s a ‘he’,
who is married to a dude,
who has managed
— miraculously —
to have a baby
in the usual manner.

(Is YOUR head spinning, too?)

“I can feel someone looking at my face and searching for the remnants of womanhood,” Trystan reportedly said.

“They kind of squint their eyes a little bit and I can tell they’re trying to take away my beard, they’re trying to de-transition me in their heads.”

Things apparently went well, however, with Trystan and Biff stating they haven’t felt any transphobia through their pregnancy process.

There just hasn’t been an ounce of transphobia from anyone I have come in contact with,” Trystan reportedly said. “Every person wouldn’t even bat an eye that there was a dude with a beard claiming to be pregnant who is here to get blood work done – and I have been trans long enough to know that doesn’t come magically.”

Actually ‘Trystan’ or Tracy, or whatever the hell your name is, there’s a very MOTIVATING reason that nobody is ‘batting an eye’.

People have seen what your tribe does to people they set out to make an example of… they get TRASHED on social media and their name and personal reputation are destroyed in a court that has no rules, no appeals, and no due process. Facts aren’t even relevant.

The right accusation in the right forum is enough to destroy a business, even a family.

So congrats. You’ve discovered that you have a tool with which you can cow ordinary people into submission. To pay lip service agreement to your ideas.

Others have done that before you.

— North Korean dictators

— Stalin and Lenin

— Mussolini.

— Roman Emporers who threw victims to lions.

These same cowed people will say in private what they fear to say in public. They will also curse those who compel to lie. But don’t worry. History has proven that even the strongest tyrants can only keep a lie alive for so long.

In the meantime, if ‘Trystan’ is wondering what they say in secret? It’s this:

Dude, you’re a Chick!

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