Breaking Up with Blue States: Is It Smart Or Surrender?

Written by Rob Morse on July 14, 2017

What should small government conservatives do if they live in a deep blue state?
More conservatives and libertarians living in socialist states face that question every day. You’re held in contempt and you face injustice at every turn. The idea of “live and let live” is a thing of the past. It doesn’t matter that you grew up there. Now, state and local politicians pass laws designed to drive you out. What should you do and where should you go?

But I grew up here. State politics changed around me. Why do I have to change, not them?
Let’s talk heart to heart. Yes, it is unfair that you might have to move in order to find freedom. Once upon a time this place felt like home. It doesn’t feel that way today. Still, I get it. The injustice is real. What your neighbors do isn’t up to you. What you do is up to you. What will you do to bring justice to this unjust world? It isn’t as if the Socialist majority in Washington, California or New York want to hear your opinion. They don’t. In fact, they want more of the same as fast as they can take it.

Think of this issue another way. Is it better to remain a powerless minority in a deep blue state or to lead by example in a free state? If you’re open to suggestions, then perhaps the most powerful position is to move to a marginal state where you can make a large difference. You could tip the scales in a state that is hanging by a few votes. Now you’re changing the world for the better.

But who will fight them if I leave?
It hurts me to say this, but we lost. I include myself with you. We failed to change hearts and minds. We let socialists take over the labor unions, the schools, the government, and the courts. Now we live in a world that is alien to our beliefs and we are forced to live their way…or else. Perhaps the best way to oppose the socialists is to let them go on without our help.

I’m part of this community.
Yes, you are, but only a little bit. You’re far more than a taxpayer. You’re active in civic groups, in your schools, and in your church. You contribute to all of them. You will contribute again if you move. As much as you value your neighbors, they did not value you enough to let you live there in peace. That was their choice.

But my family is here!
Uprooting your family is hard. Unfortunately, it is the people who want your company the least who seem to be making the decisions where you’ll live. Your extended family would be eager to follow you if they valued your time together.

Yes, family is important, but look at that same issue from another perspective. Where do you want to raise your family? Libertarians planned to move to New Hampshire and change its culture and its laws. Are you telling libertarians they should stay in New Jersey or Massachusetts as a permanent minority? We have one life to live. We have a dominant culture that our children will learn. We have a culture to which we contribute. We’re free to choose what that culture will be.

Does it matter what I do?
It matters what you do. It matters to you and to the culture as a whole. It isn’t as if the Socialists are standing still. They destroy one city after another. They destroyed Detroit. Chicago is next, but we could also include territories like Puerto Rico. These failed cities often consume the entire state with them, such as Illinois. The bumper stickers in Arizona, Florida, and Texas are legion. “Don’t Californicate my State”. “Leave New York in New York”. Too often the socialists leave their broken state and bring their destructive policies packed with the household goods. Why do you have to stay and live in the rubble they left behind?

It feels like I’m surrendering if I leave.
Yes, it does. It also feels like you’re surrendering if you stay and have to live according to their beliefs. Fortunately, you have other options and don’t have to stay. A move is not a defeat. You are moving to a more desirable situation where you can live by the values you choose. Call it a change of tactics and plans. You’re strong enough to do that.

Invite your old friends to join you as you build your new success.
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Rob Morse grew up in California and now lives in Louisiana.

photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker inuksut via photopin (license)

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