Clash Poll: If Shepard Smith Took His Stupidity To CNN Would You Care?

Published on July 16, 2017

Looks like Shep has been drinking the same bongwater as Morning Joe. Should Fox Keep him?

Shephard Smith seems to have joined the #Resistance.

Since Trump’s inauguration, his instinct has been to side with the Media (D) against Trump.

He added his voice to the hysterics when President Trump called out CNN as ‘Fake News’. He was indignant.

Smith spoke out against Trump’s “belittling and delegitimizing” of CNN Wednesday afternoon on Shepard Smith Reporting, just hours after Trump had refused to allow CNN’s senior White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, to ask a question at the press conference. “You are fake news,” Trump told Acosta. —Vox

He was sticking up for CNN’s journalistic integrity? “That’s adorable. That’s adorable.” Even their producers admit it’s Bullsh*t.

And since then, he has joined in on the Russia Hysteria, most recently, the DT Jr. story.

We’re still not clean on this, Chris [Wallace]. If there’s nothing there — and that’s what they tell us, they tell us there’s nothing to this and nothing came of it, there’s a nothingburger, it wasn’t even memorable, didn’t write it down, didn’t tell you about it, because it wasn’t anything so I didn’t even remember it — with a Russian interpreter in the room at Trump Tower? If all of that, why all these lies? Why is it lie after lie after lie? If you clean, come on clean, you know? My grandmother used to say when first we practice to — Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The deception, Chris, is mind-boggling. And there are still people who are out there who believe we’re making it up. And one day they’re gonna realize we’re not and look around and go, Where are we, and why are we getting told all these lies?– WaPo

If he’s so dedicated to CNN and their (financial, not journalistic) commitment to the #Resistance… should he go join them?

And before they ask, we don’t care if he’s gay. (We’ve seen some hugely successful names on the right who happen to be gay without being afraid to buck the Journalistic ‘status quo’.)

We care that he’s a gutless bootlick lending credibility to an institution that has deliberately lying to the people, as even Harvard has shown.

He wouldn’t be the first personality to pack his bags. If he’s such a staunch defender of CNN, maybe he should go join their sinking ship.

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