Clash Quiz: How Many Of Sweden’s ‘Underage’ Migrants Are Actually Adults?

Published on July 7, 2017

Remember that biggest reason we were supposed to shed a tear for the ‘refugee crisis’? Wasn’t it all about our concern for the women and children?

Forensic studies are back, and you can dry those tears now.

Just as many of us suspected all along, we’ve been lied to. Not only were the women notably missing from those waves of refugees, but many of those ‘children’ aren’t actually children.

These ‘poor refugees’ have been deliberately conning Sweden and intentionally took advantage of their misplaced ‘compassion’.

Tested: 1481 people. Female — 49 people. (Only 16 of those 49 were actually minors.)
Of those people, 1215 are ABOVE the age of 18, according to this study.

Now Sweden for the first time a system of medical age assessments in the asylum process. Rättsmedicinalverket has the mission and responsibility for the choice of method and design. Here you can find statistics from the first time with the new system.

…In asylum cases, the Immigration Service requesting medical age assessments of Forensic Medicine. The asylum seeker person undergoing two examinations, X-ray examination of the wisdom teeth and MRI of the knee joint. After each study makes several medical expert independent analysis of maturity of wisdom teeth respective knee joint.– Read More

Why are they doing such tests? It turns out they are necessary.

In some cases, migrants who later turned out to be adults have even carried out murders in Swedish asylum homes meant for children. The most publicised case was the stabbing to death of asylum worker Alexandra Mezher last year.

In November 2015, another migrant claiming to be a child stabbed and slashed a woman with a knife after she refused his sexual advances.

The murders shocked Sweden and led to the call for, and eventual implementation of, medical checks to ensure migrants were the age they claim. -Read More

It sounds like Sweden could have used some of that ‘extreme vetting’ Trump was talking about.

Will they keep waving those ‘refugee welcome flags’?

Or will they ‘man up’ and learn some of the principles in this book?

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