CNN’s Assault Against Trump’s Free Speech Backfires Spectacularly

Published on July 3, 2017

CNN and the media have been scolding us about how Trump is a ‘threat’ to Democracy and our Rights.

But now they’re literally trying to silence his right to free speech.

Remember how CNN warned us about the dangers Obama posed to free speech and journalism? Neither do we. But we did find this little nugget:

Obama Prosecuted More Journalists THAN ALL PRESIDENTS COMBINED!

And one about Obama spying on Dennis Kucinich and investigative journalists.

But CNN’s Brian Stelter is setting out to ‘rid the world’ of the supposed scourge of TrumpTweets. If you have no idea who the hell he is, this bio will help: “senior media correspondent for CNN and the host of Reliable Sources. Previously he was a media reporter for The New York Times and the editor of TVNewser.”

“It’s actually ‘scary’, ‘dangerous’.” He said. Seriously?

No, his instinct to silence people you disagree with politically is ‘scary’ and ‘dangerous’.

Your network, as you recall, was supportive of Shakespear In The Park putting in a Trump lookalike in the role of Julius Ceasar.

Twitter shut down their devious little plan with this reply:

Twitter told CNN on Sunday that the company reviewed the tweet, which features a WWE video that has been edited to show Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo on his face.

Twitter said it considered three factors: the political context of the conversation surrounding the tweet, the various ways it could be interpreted and the lack of details in the tweet itself.

According to its rules, Twitter may suspend an account for a number of reasons, including if the user makes violent threats; attacks people based on race, religion, gender and more; or engages “in the targeted abuse or harassment of others.” — read more

Try as they might to shut down Conservative free speech, they have failed.

In the President’s own words:

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