Dear Millennials: Here’s ‘True Love’ … Please Take Note (Powerful Photo)

Published on July 26, 2017

So many people TALK about love and how important it is. This guy has them all beat. He is LIVING it, in an amazingly tender way.

Kudos to the man in this photo. He’s got the important things in life figured out.

And thanks to the Nashville pastor who let us all share in this tender moment.

Pastor Brent Kelley, of Ignite Ministries, just wanted to takes his kids out for ice cream on a hot day. Something caught his eye, and he took a picture of it.

Here’s the picture, the story behind it will follow.

The pastor at Ignite Ministries in Nashville took a photograph of the adorable couple and put it on Facebook that evening.
He wrote a post to go along with the poignant photo.
‘So today, I took the kids to the pool and we stopped for ice cream on the way home,’ Kelley wrote.
‘When I got my ice cream and pulled out, I realized that this elderly man beside me was sitting out side his car door, spoon feeding his wife ice cream who also looked in her late eighties.

‘He draped a towel over her and slowly fed his bride in the 98 degree temperature. It was a beautiful display of love.’ —DailyMail

It was a beautiful moment. One we can all learn from.

Love, and devotion over a lifetime. It’s a higher ideal than what our me-monkey navel-gazing culture promises us.

If you think the culture has it wrong, and you’re looking for better answers (or know of someone who is) put this book in their hands. It will show you, to borrow a phrase, a ‘more excellent way’.

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