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Evil Vixen Hires Hit Man To Kill Hubbie For $100K Ins Policy – She Should’ve Read The Policy First!

When this woman is finished rotting in prison, what part of hell do you think she’ll inhabit?

Somewhere dark and preferably painful.

I’d be ok with that.

And when you see what she did, you might be not loose sleep at the thought, either.

Uloma Curry-Walker, 45, could receive life in prison without parole for the November 2013 slaying of William Walker, whom she had married just four months earlier.

Jurors deliberated for less than two hours before coming back with the verdict Friday, reported.

Prosecutors said Curry-Walker was nearing financial ruin after running up tens of thousands of dollars in debt when she asked her then-17-year-old daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend to find someone to kill her husband so she could collect the insurance money.

Leaving aside how utterly despicable it is to ask your 17-year old daughter and her boyfriend to find someone to murder your husband to cash in on his life insurance policy, the plan was ill-conceived from the get-go.

Unbeknownst to Curry-Walker, it was actually Walker’s ex-wife that was the beneficiary.

The whole thing sounds like a B-movie plot.

It kept getting bungled.

The worst part is that the bungling conspirators managed to kill William Walker.

Testimony showed that Curry-Walker gave the boyfriend, Chad Padgett, a $1,000 down payment to carry out the slaying.

Padgett contacted his cousin Chris Hein, who initially failed in his attempt to kill Walker.

Hein then turned to Ryan Dorty to carry out the killing.

Prosecutors said Dorty ambushed Walker and shot him four times as he returned home from getting fast food Curry-Walker had requested.

She and her husband were packing the night he was killed for a move to a house they had purchased outside Cleveland.

That. Is. Pure. Evil.

And the ones complicit in the murderous plot have turned against her for plea bargains.

Part of the deal includes that Curry-Walker’s daughter isn’t being tried as an adult, but instead spend a month at a juvenile detention center.

Contrast that to the other plea deals:

The daughter, Padgett, Hein and Dorty testified against Curry-Walker at trial as part of plea deal for their roles in the murder conspiracy.

Hein agreed to a sentence of 18 years to life; Padgett 28 years to life; and Dorty 23 years to life.
Source: Daily Mail

Sentencing for Uloma Curry-Walker is set for August 8.

We hope it’s very long and she spends what’s left of her life behind bars.

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