Former Pink Floyd Frontman, Roger Waters Compares Israel To Nazi Germany

Published on July 20, 2017

Which is a weird position, since HE is the one acting like a totalitarian toward other artists.

Roger Waters should look up ‘Never Again’ and — like the British Royals did this week — visit an ACTUAL Nazi Concentration camp.

He’s trying to bully Radiohead into not playing in Tel Aviv. Radiohead’s frontman is telling him to go to hell. They won’t be bullied by Waters.

Because the BS he is spewing shows a glaring blindness to exactly what kind of people the Nazis really were.

It’s the problem with the left using ‘Nazi’ or ‘Hitler’ as throw away terms for everyone and everything they disagree with.

They become so watered-down that their historical usefulness as words connected with specific evil actions is completely lost.

How else could Roger Waters stoop to describing Israel as Nazis?

Waters told Barghouti that as an “apartheid” nation, Israel is heading toward becoming a “pariah state.”

When asked if describing Israel as such would insult victims of South Africa’s apartheid era, Waters retorted that anyone who would react that way was “entirely ignorant.”

“It’s hard not to go back to [Joseph] Goebbels,” he said, referring to the Nazi minister of propaganda. “[Israel’s] tactic is to tell the big lie as often as possible over and over and over again.”

It wasn’t the first time the singer has drawn comparisons between Israel and the Third Reich.

Anyone ask him how many Arabs live, vote, and have been elected in Israel? How about the inverse in the countries of their Arab neighbors?

Can you google those stats and get back to us Roger?

Waters added that it was impossible to hold a conversation with “a population that have largely been under a state of living in propaganda 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all their lives since they were born.”

…Waters, who is at the forefront of a campaign to culturally boycott Israel, made another appeal during the session to fellow artists not to perform in the Jewish state. Several pro-Israel advocates who were listening to the chat charged him with being a hypocrite and an anti-Semite, and some of them informed the singer that they were taking part in the session from a Guns N’ Roses concert taking place at the same time in Tel Aviv.

Waters’ most recent target is the band Radiohead, which is scheduled to play in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. Waters told the band to “think again” about playing in a country “where a system of apartheid has been imposed on the Palestinian people.” -Read More

It actually sounds like he’s talking about North Korea, but no, he’s saying that about Israel.

Of course, Waters will still play in America. (Because he wants those American dollars.) Even though he thinks Trump is pretty bad, too.

Suppose he were denied a visa to perform in America (a privilege, not a right) because of the anti-semitic lies he is perpetuating about Israel? Would he change his tune pretty quickly? Becuase it’s pretty clear he HAS no principles in that interview.

When asked by Barghouti why he didn’t come to the defense of people suffering in more tyrannical regimes around the world, Waters’ shocking response was that aren’t any.

I’m not sure there are any much harsher regimes around the world, actually, if you look at it,” he said.

Oh really? Is that your final answer?

He fudged a little bit after that. Thinking of Syria and Russia (who he doesn’t want to demonize. He’s probably planning to tour there) as afterthoughts.

We checked. Someone forward him this:

Of the 197 countries of the world, there are 20, including three territories, considered to be the most societally repressive. Burma, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Libya, North Korea and Sudan are at the top of the global list for countries that are among the worst abusers of human rights. To be deemed an abuser of human rights, civil liberties and political rights are the violations assessed, and these particular countries mentioned above have concurrently been on such lists in the previous years. — Read More

None of the countries he mentioned even made the top 6. He’s a real expert on World Affairs.

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