Gang Of Angry Monkeys Take Over FL Bro’s Yard – Would You Shoot Them?

Published on July 10, 2017

The craziest part is that this is a real story. This isn’t your ordinary ‘nuisance animal’.

And did you even KNOW they carried that disease? Yikes!

This guy might want to ‘borrow’ a gator for a couple of weeks, just to get rid of his unwanted ‘guests’.

Where the hell is Animal Control when you really need it? Too busy chasing gators, maybe?

Here’s the news report:

The nasty little beggars carry Herpes B, too?

Their crap stinks to high heavens, and it’s EVERYWHERE. They are a vile little troop of thieves, too.

More than 50 monkeys descend on a Florida man’s backyard every morning to help themselves to the food from his deer feeder.
Brian Pritchard lives just four miles away from Silver Springs State Park in Ocala, Florida, where a growing population of aggressive monkeys has forced wildlife officials to consider ways to better control the numbers of primates.
Pritchard, who set up a camera to capture the deer, shared photographs of gangs of rhesus macaques, who leave his yard stinking with feces, WFTV reported. —Read More

All those ‘fine qualities’ and aggressive, too. How nice.

And wildlife officials aren’t sure how to ‘control the numbers’ of primates? Here’s the obvious question:

Speaking of ‘hunting as population control’… check out the related ‘defence of hunting’ article here.

Share if this is a good example of hunting for required population control.