Illegal immigrant gives birth in Restaurant and puts baby in Trash

Published on July 20, 2017

If the garbage bag hadn’t ripped, they might have gotten away with murder.

WTF? Whatever happened to the “selflessness of a mother’s love”? And granny was her accomplice!

The poor baby spent its short miserable life in a garbage bag, waiting to die. It had never had a single meal; it was never held in loving arms.

There was a heartbeat when the ambulance arrived, but they couldn’t save the baby’s life.

Two illegal aliens working for a South Carolina restaurant were arrested after one allegedly gave birth in the cafe’s restroom, then put the child in a trash can.
Police in Greenville, South Carolina, arrested 18-year-old Estela Ruiz-Gomez after she gave birth in the La Parrilla restaurant on July 12. Police charge that Ruiz-Gomez threw the baby into the trash after birth, thereby causing the newborn’s death. The baby’s grandmother, Lorenza Gomez Rodriguez, accused of helping to conceal the crime.

Investigators found that an employee was dragging the restroom trash bag along the pavement outside the building. The bag ripped, and the baby’s body tumbled out onto the driveway, according to Fox Carolina.

Authorities were alerted to the incident when the child’s father learned of what happened, retrieved the baby’s body, and called an ambulance. The man also works at the restaurant, police reported. -read more

Can anyone answer the question: how did NOBODY notice a CHILDBIRTH in a public toilet? Or hear the baby’s cries?

Baby was born healthy. But murdered through neglect.

She had been ordered to leave the US last year. But she remained in America.

If this outrages you, it should. But don’t be outraged at her only, but also at those who would offer sanctuary to illegal immigrants, and — don’t forget — Barack Obama.

Because the grisly death this unloved child suffered is one consistent with then-Senator Barack Obama’s voting record. (See Born-alive Act) He was the ONLY Senator to vote against it.

Share if this is why we need to be a ‘nation of laws’.