This Linguist’s Study of Trump’s Speech Will Drive The Media (D) Crazy

Published on July 12, 2017

‘And we’re not used to hearing that from politicians.’

Trump is the Anti-Obama in a lot of ways. And one of them is his speech itself.

You will remember how the Left’s Golden Boy was celebrated as practically the second coming of Cicero.

Obama was supposed to be a magnificent Public speaker. (We’ll add an example of his vaunted ‘magnificence’ at the end of this piece, for anyone who still believes in his ‘greatness’.)

What did the linguist discover?

She discovered something the rest of us intuitively knew. He’s NOT from the typical Washington mold. He doesn’t put on airs like regular politicians. He speaks like one of US.

He’s refreshing.

He was mocked for the simplicity of his language and syntax. Or his blue-collar vocabulary. Or his abrupt of jumping of topics, as though he was incoherent.

Nope. That’s the way we all speak.

What about hyperbole? She talks about that, too. ‘Believe me.’ (Also discussed.)

Trump says ‘believe me’ in the way she describes, which is WAY better than Obama, who says ‘let me be clear’ immediately before he lies to your face.

The media can mock him all they want. I’d take Trump over this dope any day:

If you think the ‘if’ is exaggerated in the song, go see the original. Yep. It’s real.

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