Moderate Muslim Denounces Sharia – Watch How He’s Treated

Published on July 6, 2017

One Imam has been ‘in hiding’ after agreeing with Ayaan Hirsi Ali on some issues. Here he is being abused by people from his own religion.

If you’re wondering why ‘moderate Muslims’ aren’t taking a stronger stand, maybe this has something to do with it.

Mohammed Tawhidi, of the Islamic Association of South Australia, said he agrees with Ms Ali’s call to close Islamic schools in Australia.

He has also rejected extremist groups.

“These schools do exist that are a problem and they need to be either shut down or changed completely,” Imam Tawhidi said.

Fearing reprisals, the Adelaide-based Imam said he was escorted into hiding by police.-read more

An IMAM feared for his safety in his own community and needed a police escort.


But it’s ‘Islamophobic’ for the rest of us to be concerned about Sharia Law?

The next time CAIR gets their panties in a wad, remind them about Imam Tawhidi.

Share if this is one more reason that Sharia and Western Freedoms are incompatible.