Is This For Real? Kid Rock Running For Senate In 2018

Published on July 13, 2017

Is it just a publicity stunt, or is he really serious about this?

Kid Rock has been no stranger to the political scene.

And now, he has launched his Senate run in 2018. He’s got a website and everything.

It seems like he means it. But there was another cryptic tweet he shot out at the same time:

If running for Senate isn’t his BIG news, what would be?

If the Washington wasn’t weird enough, let’s remind you that ‘The Rock’ also announced that he’s entering politics. (No, that wouldn’t get confusing at all.)

One of the Hard-Left rags is asking ‘have we had enough of celebrity candidates’? Funny how they don’t seem to be objecting to Al ‘Stuart Smalley’ Franken forever beclowining himself in the Senate.

In fact, seeing Franken choke on the words ‘My colleague’, when speaking of Kid Rock would be reason enough to back him.

Kid Rock has been involved in politics for a while now.

The thing we like about Trump — he speaks his mind and doesn’t care what people think about it — Kid Rock has in spades.

He LOVES America and the things that made her great.

And he even has a presence in Hip Hop, so it’s a wildcard about who will and won’t support him.

If nothing else, the guy who pitched American-made grills by (literally) blowing up the cheap competitors can promise one thing…

He will certainly inject some color into the Michigan Senate race.

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