Real Life Heroes in Our Day — Saving Lives in the War Zone

Written by Clearchus on July 5, 2017

Dave Eubank and the Free Burma Rangers and Victor Marx and ATP (All Things Possible) Ministries do something special and critical…

They protect the Innocent
Defend the Defenseless
and rescue the poor from wickedness.

Those concepts come from Psalm 82:3-4 and define what my family and I seek when looking for ministries to give to … Candidates to vote for … And how to live our own lives in the Kingdom of God.

Dave Eubank went to our church in Colorado Springs before he and family went full time leading the Free Burma Rangers.

Here is a video and Fox Interview of my amazing friend saving a little girl in Iraq.

I know Dave through Victor Marx and ATP. The little girl landed at Victor and Eileen’s compound in Irbil. Here is a video of the little girl with Victor and Eileen.

Who knew bubble blowing was so therapeutic! This miracle child that survived 3 days living among dead bodies, sadly including her beautiful pregnant mother, who was shot by ISIS as they tried to flee. She hid under her mother's dress only to come out to try to find rancid drops of water in bottles next to the dead. Medical update from yesterday's test:She has inflamed spleen and liver and we have her being treated by a wonderful medical team.Good news over 200 children were sponsored for Lion and Lamb Life Pack! Iraq update June 23rd Love from Iraq The Marx' and Team ATP

Posted by Victor Marx on Friday, June 23, 2017

Screen Shot:

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