Transformation: How Does A Black Millennial Woman Become ‘Sexist’, ‘Racist’? (Watch)

Published on July 14, 2017

It must have happened sometime AFTER the second time she voted for Obama.

From humble beginnings in a home with no dad, Antonia Okafor finished her education and became a Democrat, almost by default.

She voted for Obama, hoping for that ‘frank conversation’ about race that never quite seemed to happen, she admired his strong, opinionated wife.

She wanted to be Strong, like Michelle, and Safe, like Barack, and that got her in trouble.

She thought of herself a free thinker but realized how lockstep she was with the ideas she was ‘supposed’ to have. She started asking questions.

…About Feminist sacred cows, and who they REALLY benefit.

…About why her University wanted firearms banned ‘in black areas’.

…About what’s REALLY holding people back in depressed urban areas.

…About what it really means to be empowered.

And her so-called friends hated the questions she was asking, and worse, hated the answers she found.

What she lost in fake friendships she has more than gained in self-respect.

Her old ‘friends’ and others like her need to watch her video, and if they’re still crying ‘sexist-racist’ etc., they need to read this book.

The Effeminization Of The American Male
by Doug Giles

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