Viral: Video Captures Shoot Out Between Old Geezer & Fireman – Unreal!

Published on July 7, 2017

Charges may be faced ‘if and when he recovers’.

Maybe this is why so many languages have some variation of ‘good fences make good neighbors’.

It began as a conflict over a fence and a gate. The old guy on the lawn mower backed up and pulled out his gun.

Reacting to the threat, the neighbor on the close side of the fence pulled out his gun, and proceeded to fire.


For context, Dan Keller, 49, an Indianapolis firefighter, is the guy on the near side of the fence. The guy on the lawnmower is Jeffery Weigle, 59.

The video, released by the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, shows Weigle addressing Keller by saying, “Hey a**hole,” before adjusting a portion of the fence that borders their property. He then says “I see you got the s*** out,” in reference to Keller’s wife. Weigle then gets onto his riding lawnmower and starts to ride off.

As Keller approaches the fence to see what Weigle did, Weigle backs up his lawnmower and flashes a gun at Keller. Keller pulls out his own gun and fires at Weigle, hitting him four times in the chest during an exchange of multiple shots. — Read More

Weigle seems to have forgotten everything he has ever learned about gun safety. And it has cost him dearly. Even if he survives (and that is by no means certain, he was in critical condition at last report), he will likely face charges for drawing his gun in the first place.

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