Watch: Muslim ‘Migrants’ Are Very Confident They’ll Take Over Europe

Published on July 24, 2017

Does THIS look like a boat filled with suffering women and children fleeing war looking for a better life?

Or does it look like the triumphant war cry of an invading army?

Notice the ballcaps and sunglasses.

Notice the three boats, all of them crammed with young men of military age.

Notice the resounding shouts of that very same phrase jihadis utter before they crash a plane or start murdering civilians.

Comments elsewhere have suggested they are saying ‘Europe Is Ours’, but we don’t speak the language, and can’t verify that.

But the raised fists and the warcry are clear enough that they’re not looking to assimilate into Western Culture.

Let’s leave race out of this.

Suppose a culture like the old Vikings suddenly started showing up in large numbers on your shores. And they started shouting THIER nations’ battle cry.

Would you feel compelled for reasons of ‘mercy’ to let them in?

Or would you be telling the 10,000 people arriving each day in Italy alone to ‘turn back or we’ll sink your boat’?

There isn’t one woman, child or old man to be found on those boats.

These invaders are using European compassion and fears of being labeled ‘Islamophobe’ as weapons to silence objection to this invasion.

And before you wave this off as ‘not your problem’… do NOT forget that England and France are both Nuclear powers. If they fall, their nuclear arsenals fall with them.

And who knows WHAT sort of a whackjob regime would be controlling them.

The stakes are quite high if the Islamopologists have been wrong about the true intentions of these ‘peaceful refugees’.

It wouldn’t be the first time Islam had invaded Europe by sea.

It’s a history lesson worth remembering. Because that single event gave Islam a foothold in Europe from 711 AD until 1492.

Does Europe REALLY want to roll the dice again?

If they want to grow a pair as a continent, they’d better start handing out copies of this.

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