Yo, CNN: Hillary Sided With Russia On Sanctions As Bill Made $500K For Speech In Moscow — Is That News?

Written by K. Walker on July 18, 2017

The Media (D) refuses to look into Hillary’s misdeeds, but as scrutiny over Don Jr.’s nothing meeting with a Russian lawyer keeps up, some weird coincidences are coming to light.

If you listen to any Democrat in Congress, Russia has always been our enemy. They’ve used Cold War era language and said that Russia has constantly been a dangerous foreign enemy.

It’s strange, isn’t it?

I thought that there was a hopey-changey thing going on over the past 8 years where Russia was concerned.

Here’s Obama lecturing Mitt Romney in the Presidential debate in 2012:

Well, that clip didn’t age well, did it?

Oh, and don’t forget this clip where Barry promises ‘flexibility’ to Russian President Medvedev with regard to missile defense and needed Putin to ‘give him space’ until he won the 2012 election:

And then, of course, the infamous misspelled ‘Reset’ Button:

I’m old enough to remember all that.

It’s kinda weird to now hear the Democrats shrieking about ‘Russian Collusion’.

After all, reports say that Barry knew about the Russians meddling in the Election and did nothing about it.

Here at ClashDaily, we’ve constantly called out Barry and the Dems on their Jekyll-Hyde position with regards to Russia.

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Now that all eyes are on the Russian lawyer — who came into the country by special permission from the Obama administration — and her reason for the meeting with Don Jr, lobbying against the Magnitsky Act, there are some things that are being connected.

The Russian lawyer who landed a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. during last year’s presidential campaign with the promise of dirt on Hillary Clinton had one big thing in common with the Democratic candidate: Both had opposed Russia sanctions targeting human-rights abusers.

Further, former Secretary of State Clinton’s initial opposition coincided with a $500,000 speech her husband gave in Moscow – a link her 2016 campaign fought to downplay in the press, according to WikiLeaks-released documents.

Trump White House officials now are trying to draw attention to that speech and the Clintons’ ties to Russia in a bid to counter criticism over Trump Jr.’s now-infamous meeting.

Well, yes! That’s news.

We keep getting told that if a Presidential candidate or anyone on their team ‘colludes’ with Russia, that’s a never-ending story that will make up more than 90 percent of CNN’s airtime for at least, oh, 9 months now.

And the Clintons tried to hide it.

How Clintonian of them.

They tried to hide a lot of things.

Like the financial connection that campaign manager John Podesta had to a Russian energy company.

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The former president indeed had received a personal call from then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin expressing his appreciation for the speech. According to Mrs. Clinton’s ethics disclosure form filed while she was secretary of State, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 by the Russia-based finance company Renaissance Capital for his June 29, 2010, speech in Moscow to its employees and guests attending the company’s annual conference.

The speech is now coming back to haunt the Clintons, considering the company that cut the check was allegedly tied to the scandal that spurred the Global Magnitsky Act, a bill that imposed sanctions on Russians designated as human-rights abusers and eventually would become law in 2012.

This was the same law Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya was lobbying against during her sit-down with Trump Jr. last year. And back in 2010, it would have put the Clintons on her side.

And there are still questions about Veselnitskaya and why she was at a Congressional meeting where they discussed Russian sanctions.

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Shortly before Bill Clinton’s speech in 2010, when members of Congress pushing the sanctions bill had asked Hillary Clinton to refuse visas to Russian officials implicated under the policy, the State Department denied the request. The Obama administration initially was opposed to the Magnitsky Act because then-President Barack Obama was seeking a “reset” with Russia and did not want to deepen the divide between the two countries.

Former President Bill Clinton’s speech to Renaissance just weeks later was all the more curious, considering Renaissance’s Russian investment bank executives would have been banned from the U.S. under the law.
Source: Fox News

Lost in all the hysteria about Russian interference in the election doesn’t mention that the Clintons meddled in a Russian election.

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But you won’t hear about that, either.

The Clintons have continually used their power and position to make themselves rich and always manage to squeeze out of scandal.

And you know how this is likely to play out, right?

The Media (D) in collusion — their new favorite word — with the Democrats will say, ‘nothing to see here’ and brush it aside if they even acknowledge it at all.

But, perhaps with all the Red Scare tactics in the Media (D), the new McCarthyism of the Left, and Maxine Waters shrieking ‘impeachment’ at her own shadow, not to mention what they perceive as ‘blood in the water’, perhaps the Teflon Clintons will finally have something stick.

And maybe, just maybe there will be an investigation into the Clinton connection with Russia.

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