ABC Ignores Scandal Star’s Sick Tweets Calling Trump Voters ‘Stupid C—s’

Published on August 12, 2017

And no, he didn’t mean ‘roosters’.

Remember the media outrage when Scaramucci said a ‘Badword?’

One that was used as a slam on Bannon?

They weren’t worried about the internal fighting. In fact, they LOVED that part of it.

But someone on Trump’s team said ‘c-ck’. How horrible … what a monster!

Forget that same word is used on almost every episode of Game of Thrones, and nobody seems to blush. That’s not important. What IS important is they were trumpeting from the rooftops: ‘We have a way to slam Trump!’

Let’s see how consistent these media types really are.

Someone ELSE is using that same Badword.

But a Hollywood has-been is using it to slam Trump. Any guesses how that’s going to work out?

A “Scandal” actor and former “West Wing” star is lashing out at voters who cast their ballots for President Trump, calling them “stupid.”

Josh Malina, who played Will Bailey, a fictional vice president’s chief of staff, on the NBC political drama, wrote to his more than 230,000 Twitter followers on Tuesday: —The Hill

Oh. Wow.

He’s right up there with Newsweek siding with Kim Jong Un. What a basket case.

How courageous.

Will there be a parade in his honor… held in a sanctuary city somewhere?

James Woods commented the generic hatred of Trump.

Oh dear, what a ‘horrible’ thing for Woods to say.

Malania had to call him out for out for it by calling Woods an a-hole.

If you wanted to Google his name, you could. Here’s one search:

Oh look, Google nailed that one.

He’s no friend of Trump. What sort of people DO like him?

OK, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (the Castro Superfan) loves him. Say no more.

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