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Babysitter From Hell: This Evil Chick Forced A 4yr. Old Little Boy To Do The Unthinkable

How bad was it? Her bail was set at $75,000.

She will be edged out for the title of ‘worst babysitter ever’ by the guy who murdered his own sister and the two young girls in his ‘care’. But this chick tried hard.

She’s 18. She was watching a four-year-old boy.

Somehow in the process of her ‘looking after’ a four-year-old boy… his DNA wound up on her breast and genitals.

That’s not an ‘oopsie’, or ‘I had a lapse in judgment…’

That’s more ‘how do you think I’d look in an orange jumpsuit?’

A Texas babysitter who was left in charge of a four-year-old boy forced him to perform a sex act on her, a court heard this week.
Esmeralda Marie Medellin, 18, was arrested on Thursday for the alleged sexual assault, which police say occurred on March 28.
The little boy told his mom that Medellin had made him perform the act, and she then called police while the babysitter was still in the home, My San Antonio reported.
The boy also said that she also performed a sex act on him, according to KENS5. —DailyMail

Esmeralda should count herself lucky that mom didn’t beat the living HELL out of her right then and there.

She denied the allegations… of course.

But that doesn’t explain how his DNA wound up on her breast, and how male DNA (not enough to match an individual) was also on her genitals.

Would a four-year-old really make up a story like that?

Throws a wrench in that whole ‘rape culture’ narrative, doesn’t it?

Especially if you start tallying up all those slutty teachers that take advantage of teenage students.

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