Why Do Climate Alarmists Ignore This Basic Scientific Fact?

Written by Captain Dave Funk on August 16, 2017

Despite the other big stories of the last few days, life, and those who will grow big government goes on. Hidden in the monthly data sets from NASA is even more evidence of global warming fraud. It’s part of the left trying to scare you to into accepting more regulations and higher taxes. This time it revolves around man’s primal fear of drowning, because of rising sea levels.

We all remember from our early science and math classes one of our basic measurement instruments: the thermometer. Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines it as follows: Thermometer — an instrument used for measuring temperature. As the temperature increases or decreases, the internal fluid in its tube expands or contracts, showing us on a graph the temperature.

In essence the Earth’s Oceans act as one huge thermometer.

You see, NASA just released April 2017’s numbers in a set of graphs. Those graphs show an upward trend in the sea levels, measured in millimeters, over 130 plus years. The change is less than four inches, yes, just four inches in 130 years! And surprisingly satellite data shows a downward trend over the last two years at the same time other NASA satellites are recording rapid increases in the depth of the Antarctic ice fields.

Another interesting example of data manipulation is in an article published on July 31, 2017 by The Daily Caller. Chris White, an Energy Reporter for The Daily Caller, just exposed a problem with Australia’s Weather Bureau adjusting data to hide actual temperatures that were recorded lower than an “adjusted” lowest expected baseline number set to rule out spurious errors. Yet the floor of the adjusted temperatures is significantly higher than average low temperatures recorded at two locations in New South Wales. Of course the Australian responsible for the error says it will take weeks to correct.

From 41,000 feet in the air, remember that anytime big government and its cronies tell you that a problem can be solved by higher taxes and more regulation, the underlying “cause” is clearly bull-crap. Of course, if Al Gore is involved, it’s all about lining his own pockets.

photo credit: Excerpted from: Christoph Scholz Thermometer im Urlaub mit Palme via photopin (license)

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