CNN’s Jim Acosta’s Instagram Account Looks Like A Teenage Chick’s Pics

Written by K. Walker on August 3, 2017

We just might have figured out why Jim Acosta is constantly trying to grab the cameras at the White House. If his Instagram account is any indication, he’s a wannabe Kardashian.

His account is filled with selfies, food and drink pics, as well as his fantastic, Instagram-fabulous life.


Mr. CNN Fake News has an account that carries all the gravitas and dignity of the Kardashian clan.

Well, almost.

Fortunately, Jimmy’s not posting semi-nude selfies.

No self-respecting man would allow this on his Instagram account.

(Wait — do men even have Instagram accounts?  I thought it was just for chicks and businesses.)

Anyway,  here are a few selections, and you be the judge.

Jimmy had a rough day at work and needed a drink:

And he shares pics of his (girlie) drinks on Instagram:

It’s always ‘Selfie Time’!

Bro didn’t get the memo that men do not drink from straws — especially from a kiddie cup.  Let alone take a selfie for posterity.

Don’t forget the doggo filter:

Jim is an Instagram boss:

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory ‘food porn’:

And he’s a big fan of stuff that you might like, too.

The Washington Capitals:

An Apple Watch.  Because he wants to be a Millennial.  Ugh.

Che Guevara, Cuba, Obama, and CNN all in a single post.  Congrats.  Uh, Jim, didn’t your dad escape from there?

Selecting the right vintage for the occasion:

But he goes on fabulous trips:

Ready to par-tay and schmooze with the right peeps:

Being ‘wowed’ by rainbows:

Is it just me, or does that last pic remind you of this moment at the DNC when Hillary saw balloons?

I’m going to be really, REALLY judgey here.

This is NOT the Instagram account of a man — it looks like one kept by a teenage girl.  It’s just missing the makeup tutorial videos and the ‘OMG! I <3 [Insert boy-band here]!!!!!  [Emoji, Emoji, Emoji]’

The selfies make Jim look narcissistic.  Is that what he’s going for?

Men never, ever, ever use those Dog filters.  That’s for teen girls, and even then it’s stupid.

Speaking of girls… what’s up with the girl drinks, man?

Seriously, that bro needs help.


Before he assimilates and Kris Jenner starts managing his ‘career’.

Jim — seek help while you still can.

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