Dear Charlottesville Rioters: You Idiots Just Set Things Back 50 Yrs

Written by Wes Walker on August 13, 2017

You moronic jackasses just gave the race-baiters EXACTLY what they wanted.

Every waking breath the Left has been calling all of us racist-sexist-homophobe-bigot.

More recently, they have added Islamophobe, fascist and nazi to the mix.

Ever since the height of the Tea Party they have been trying to paint us as violently racist. They were trying to create the impression that bigotry is the engine that drives our politics.

Until recently, they were losing. They were looking like idiots. They were running out of steam.

And then you blew it at Charlottesville.

Scenes like this:

You know how the media is going to crop that picture.

When he was still with us, Andrew Breitbart put out a challenge for anyone to PROVE with video evidence that any Tea Partier had actually said anything racist. There was a $100K reward that would be payable to the United Negro College Fund if such a claim could be proven with video. It was never claimed.

The race-baiting on the left was starting to collapse in on itself.

Yes, it was hitting a boiling point, with BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) literally fomenting violence on anyone who voted Republican, and gleefully calling it a victory against Nazis.

Antifa is doing the same, while race-baiting BLM protests decide which part of the city to burn while chanting that this is what democracy looks like.

Their side shot cops dead in Dallas.

Their side is throwing wine-bottle grenades into crowds and cracking skulls with bike locks.

Their side was busted admitting to rigging riots at Trump rallies.

Their side is shutting down universities, with the stupidity we’ve seen at Berkeley, Mizzou and Evergreen, among others.

Their side shot up a Congressman.

Their side is getting caught for racist stupidity left and right.

Don’t you see? They were imploding.

They were losing public support left and right!

Why did you dumb bastards let them bait you?

You dressed up in the KKK dunce cap.

And carried a swastika… the exact two symbols they were desperate to see you hold in your hands. They just won the propaganda war, and the morons who did this are too dumb to realize it.

Is any name more closely associated with the ’embodiment of evil’ than Adolf Hitler? It’s not even a left-or-right-thing. It’s a ‘ruthlessly murdered millions of civilians’ thing.

And you idiots in Charlotteville were dumb enough to fly his colors?

Words cannot express the amount of contempt you deserve heaped upon your heads.

The thing America needs MOST right now is a healthy dose of E Pluribus Unum.

That’s what ‘making America great again’ will require.

And people on both sides will to have to grow up.

By taking the bait, Charlotteville rioters set the whole process back by years.

Was venting your juvenile rage really worth it?

Doug Giles and Rich Witmer’s tackle whether Christians can really be racist:

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