Hey Protesters: Don’t Like Confederate ‘Fort Hood’? Say Hello To ‘Fort Trump’!

Published on August 20, 2017

File this under ‘be careful what you wish for’.

We’re NOT renaming any bases named after Confederate soldiers. At least not YET.

Then again, if you’d asked us a month ago, the idea of anyone defacing the Lincoln monument in the name of ‘social justice’ would have seemed patently ridiculous.

We live in strange times, and the anarchists are feeding off of it.

Honest-to-God Communists have pulled down a Confederate statue in Durham.

And the idea is gaining speed.

Democrats are now calling for the removal of all Confederate Statues.

You’ve gotta wonder — as Trump did — what’s next?

With ten military bases named after Confederates, it’s only a matter of time before they add them to the list.

So… rather than react, let’s give them an answer first.

If you’re going to revise history, do it right. How about WE provide some names.

Some will naturally suggest Obama, but he was the most warlike President in history. He didn’t even bother to ask approval from Congress.

Reagan? Not a bad choice.

Duffleblog came up with a great suggestion:

Ten bases, including Fort Hood in Texas and Fort Bragg in North Carolina, will have their names changed in honor of President Donald Trump, the service said. Fort Hood, for example, will be renamed to Fort Trump, while Fort Bragg will be rebranded as Fort Trump International Airborne Barracks and Jump Tower. —Duffelblog

Can you imagine how their heads would spin?

But it would — admittedly — be confusing to name them all ‘Trump’.

What else would work?

Fort MAGA?

Fort Bigly?

Fort So Much Winning?

Fire And Fury?

Promise them that if we are MADE to change them, we’ll only be using names from the list you and we come up with and they won’t bitch about messing with them for a long time to come.

Have some suggestions of your own? Throw them into the comments!

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