Hurricane Devastated Mom Rips CNN A New One For Stupid Question And It’s PERFECT!

Written by K. Walker on August 30, 2017

The Media (D)’s driving need to be first to get the story, reporters often forget that there is humanity that needs to be considered. This CNN reporter got a wicked on-air reminder.


Reporters have to remember that these are people and their lives have just been turned upside-down.

It’s real for them.

They’re not caged animals whose suffering the Media outlets can capitalize on for ratings.

Rosa Flores, CNN’s correspondent in Houston tried to get one of those pull-at-your-heartstrings stories of devastation and resilience.

What she got instead was a verbal b-slap by a mom that didn’t want to be exploited.

At the beginning of the video, Jim Acosta notices that there is a little girl there with her mom.

Rosa Flores attempts to interview her.

A Houston mother shouted at an interviewer live on television for her coverage of Hurricane Harvey victims.

The woman, named Danielle, had just arrived at the shelter after waiting 36 hours to be rescued from the floodwaters with her two children.

She and her kids were still wearing their bags and backpacks with their belongings inside.

Gee, maybe this isn’t the best time…

The interaction began with Flores standing beside Danielle at a shelter in Houston, where Danielle and her children had just recently arrived.

Danielle was shivering and looked visibly distressed as she stood with her young daughter and her young son peeked out from behind her.

Flores asked how she was rescued and Danielle explained that she and her family had been waiting for 36 hours at their home for police to come help them.

CNN’s Rosa Flores wanted the ‘human story’. What it’s like to suffer such indignities and be at the lowest point of your life. She wanted to know what it’s like to wait for help that doesn’t come right away. How do you make sure your young children don’t drown in rising floodwater? Without food for days, what did you live on?

Yes, my friends, ‘She Persisted‘.

As Danielle told her story, she clearly became more upset, looking around the shelter, hugging her children and even crying.

Meanwhile Flores touched Danielle’s arm and continued to ask her a question about saving her children from the floods, which further upset the distressed mother.

And that’s when this Mom gave her what-for.


‘But y’all sitting here, y’all trying to interview people during their worst times. That’s not the smartest thing to do.

‘Like people are really breaking down and y’all sitting here with cameras and microphones trying to ask us what the f*** is wrong with us.’

‘And you’re really trying to understand with the microphone still in my face with me shivering cold with my kids wet and you still putting a microphone in my face.’
Source: Daily Mail

The feed cuts back to Jim Acosta who says that it looks like Flores has ‘a very upset family’.

Thanks for that stellar commentary, Jim.

Now, go on back to your Instagram.

That devastated mother just gave CNN a verbal @ss-kicking that it rightly deserved.

Good for you, Danielle.

And CNN reporters, learn from this and beware.

You might need a primer on real life, so here it is:

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