Jets Coach Makes New Rule For His Anti-Anthem Players Who Protest At Games

Published on August 20, 2017

With the Kaepernick controversy picking up again, one coach made his position official:

Although no Jets player has indicated a desire to protest at games, their coach has taken a preemptive approach to say if they want to do so, they are more than welcome to – he’s not going to stop them. –This and following quotes are from: FreedomDaily

So technically, he’s not going to stop them.

“It’s their individual right,” the coach said after practice Wednesday. “We don’t have a rulebook on what’s right to protest and not protest. You don’t know those things until the course of time, whether it’s sitting for the anthem, whether it’s raising your fist, whether it’s speaking out, whether it’s the Walk to Washington who is to say whose protest is good or bad?”

He seems to be waffling a little…

“As a football team, politics and people are human — they’re part of it — so you can’t say what’s good or bad,” Bowles said, according to WHIO. “I’m sure mostly everybody — I know I’m against racism, segregation, and all that other stuff — but how do we come to an answer? I don’t have that answer. How do we come to a common ground? I don’t have that answer.”

Don’t you think?

“It’s a hell of a debate and a hell of a topic. It needs to stop,” Bowles said. “I don’t have the answers to that, but who is to say whose protest is good or bad? That’s just the way they feel and that’s their right to express it.”

His right? Yes and no.

When he’s in uniform, he is not representing himself. He is representing the team. He is seen as a member of a body.

It’s no different than active-duty military, or (if any still exist) Journalists being intentionally apolitical.

They don’t forfeit any of their rights while on the job. But in order to be a PROFESSIONAL, you voluntarily choose not to act on any rights that would conflict with your work.

What is the job of an Athlete? To win games? Partly. But if they won games in a stadium of empty seats with no TV deals, what does it matter? Any weekend warrior can do that. You don’t need million dollar deals for that.

It’s to attract a loyal audience. It both a sport and a business.

These protests might fall within the technical scope of their ‘rights’ but they’re doing it on company time, and ultimately, they’re hurting the entire league’s bottom line.

Suppose you convince everyone to take the knee, but all the fans switch the channel to NHL or NBA… what have you really accomplished?

You clowns haven’t really thought this through, have you?

Maybe take another look at last years ratings, and the polls for why they sucked.

You might learn something.

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