Kid Rock, Possible MI Senate Candidate, Just BLASTED Colin Kaepernick!

Written by K. Walker on August 23, 2017

Kid Rock was performing at the Iowa State Fair, and he kept his set mostly politics-free. Except for this beautiful moment.

I’m not sure what makes Kid Rock so very likable, but this definitely contributes to it.

He’s not afraid to say what he’s really thinking.

And as his shows are generally non-partisan. He sings his songs, and throws in a couple of comments here and there, but nothing compared to the anti-Trump rants of Barbara Streisand at her concerts. Streisand is known for pushing her political views when she performs.

The ‘Kid Rock For Senate’ t-shirts were on sale at the Fair. Kid Rock had previously said that he was indeed running to become a Senator representing the state of Michigan, but it has not been confirmed. In July he said he hasn’t made a final decision. Polls show that he would do extremely well in the race.

Here at ClashDaily we want him to run because it would just be oh, so much fun to cover that.

Just look at what happened on Sunday night at Fenway Park.

Rock regaled his audience with a trip through several musical genres including country, southern rock and rap, a music reviewer for The Des Moines Register reported.

Rock also talked abut the solar eclipse, mocked Justin Bieber, and mentioned a host of other topics.

But in the end, he just couldn’t help himself.

Colin Kaepernick is just an irresistible target.

It wasn’t until Rock got to the song “Born Free” that he jumped to a discussion about the national anthem protests spreading once again in the National Football League.

Kid Rock was reportedly the highest paid star at the Iowa State Fair, earning a nice $600,000 paycheck for that single performance.
Source: Breitbart

Watch Kid Rock performing ‘Born Free’ and the magical moment at the 50-second mark:

At a break in the song, he shouts, ‘F*CK COLIN KAEPERNICK!’

This female ClashDaily Editor loves that kind of stuff.

I had to pick myself up off the floor after watching that video.

Here’s a re-enactment of what happened in the office:

I don’t like the politicization of football.

Football is football.

It used to be one of those things that you could talk to your rabidly leftist, bat-guano crazy coworkers about.

And it is singularly American.

(Let’s not mention what those crazy Canucks do up there north of the border. Although, it is rather embarrassing when Canadians are treating the American anthem with respect and an NFL player doesn’t.)

Colin Kaepernick is taking his dislike of America and American values and is promoting a divisive and completely false narrative of what it’s like to live here.

His race-based protest dismisses the everyday experiences of black people all over the United States.

Personally, I don’t think that racism is gaining traction in the United States.

If it is, perhaps it’s because of the politics of division that is being peddled by the Left.

That will require extensive self-reflection on their part.

Maybe, on some points, they are.

Now it’s time for them to man up, put on a cup and fix it.

Here’s the first step in the road to recovery.

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