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Liberal Hypocrisy Puts Only Selective Hits on Certain Historic Figures

When it comes to reinvention of history, liberals and their violent destructive coconspirators of hate. love to destroy symbols of America’s past as a way of erasing knowledge and legacy of change. This time, a 90-Year-Old bust of Abraham Lincoln was destroyed in a Chicago neighborhood on the city’s near southside, according to Breitbart. Social media reaction actually supported the destruction of the Lincoln bust. Where is the outrage and outcry against this liberal fascism.?

The core of this new round of attacks on any statue or linkage to what the liberal attack squads deem to be racist or not reflective of current American ideals is of course one sided. There are no throngs of protesters demanding the tearing down of statues or demolition of schools that bear the name of former U.S. West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, who actively fought against racial equality and civil rights legislation in the 1960’s. Oh, by the way, he was a past official in the Ku Klux Klan.

Where are the marchers demanding that racist and Ku Klux Klan sympathizer, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s sculpture be removed by any means necessary from the Smithsonian “Struggle for Justice” exhibit, which is supposed to honor those of the past who were “champions of justice”. Two years ago, in 2015, black ministers were outraged by her inclusion in the exhibit and wrote, “Sanger should be featured in an exhibit for proponents of mass genocide, such as such as Stalin, Mao, Mengele and Hitler,” reported Life News.

“Struggle for Justice” exhibit? This was the woman who not only invented the organization that would murder millions of black babies while in the womb, but she stated on the extermination of blacks, ” We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” she added, “if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members,” according to Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America, by Linda Gordon.

Since liberals are fond of erasing history perhaps they should start with erasing the history of a known and certified bigot who also joined his fellow Democrat U.S. senator in blocking civil rights legislation. That would be none other than Tennessee Senator Al Gore Sr., father of former Vice President Al Gore, whose “Climate Change” legacy will be the warm up that never happened.

It seems that Senator Gore’s well documented racist misdeeds has somehow escaped the wrath of the history-erasing liberal fanatics. Well, here is the 30 second elevator version of Gore that liberals run away from. Just as civil rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, and President Johnson were working to bring attention to passage of the dramatic civil rights legislation, Senator Gore not only voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, on June 10, 1964, Sen. Al Gore Sr., displaying a complete lack of political courage, resisted the pressure applied by President Johnson to vote to end the filibuster. He joined nineteen other Southern Democratic senators and voted in favor of continuing to talk the civil rights bill to death, according to the Washington Times.

So, liberals, while you are searching for ways to scrub racists from American History, why not set your targets on an unapologetic Democrat racist like Senator Gore and demand that the stretch of Interstate 65 in Tennessee named The Albert Arnold Gore Sr. Memorial Highway to honor him, be renamed?

In reality, this is not meant to give liberals who are head hunting for ways to dismember history. In reality, it is to show the sheer hypocrisy of the liberal fascism that exist in America as it strives to be politically correct. These are, in fact, cowards, because they do not trust the local communities to remove statues, school names, busts or public parks that are in disagreement with the values of the communities. They are anarchists who define justice by fire, anger and violence.

President Donald Trump made a very insightful point when commenting on violent efforts to remove Confederate statues. He stated, “They were there to protest the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee.” he continued. “This week it’s Robert E. Lee. I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is coming down. I wonder, is it George Washington next week and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You know, you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop?”

Image: Excerpted: Pete unseth – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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Kevin Fobbs

Kevin Fobbs has more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience as a community and tenant organizer, Legal Services outreach program director, public relations consultant, business executive, gubernatorial and presidential appointee, political advisor, widely published writer, and national lecturer. Kevin is co-chair and co-founder of AC-3 (American-Canadian Conservative Coalition) that focuses on issues on both sides of the border between the two countries.