The New ‘Normal’: Will Our Kids Even Recognize Biblical Families?

Published on August 7, 2017

by Thomas Victor
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

A recent story suggests a lady becomes a man and then has a baby whom she can now put on display; and now we’re supposed to embrace it as such an emotionally beautiful thing!

God forgive me for the rage I feel inside about this story. Our children may never know what families as God intended them to be look like. They may never know God’s natural law and order. These new abnormal and unnatural norms are being forced down our children’s throats. Gosh, I wonder why this world is so screwed up and confused.

I’m actually very surprised that a Civil War has not broken out in this nation. You’ve got to ask yourself, are we even a Christian nation anymore? If so, what does that mean if we’ve allowed this evolution to take place? What is the appropriate stand and defense for a nation that is under siege by Satan himself? More commonly known as godless, liberal Americans?

Make absolutely no mistake about it: this is why Donald Trump won the presidency! All patriotic Americans have that sense of family, faith and country embedded in their hearts. Trump wants desperately to return America back to her roots and greatness. Millions upon millions of Americans are willing to take a chance on him to do just that. Maybe it will take an over the top outspoken Donald Trump to swell this movement and change the tides.

It’s really scary what’s happened to our nation. Pray that all patriotic Americans and Christians alike have the courage and conviction to be bold and outspoken in these very uncertain times.

photo credit: Darren Johnson / iDJ Photography BROTHERLY. via photopin (license)

Thomas Victor is a husband, father and business owner.

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