Playboy Weighs In On The Trump White House And It’s Kind Of Surprising

Published on August 25, 2017

They’ve known each other for a lot of years… it could have gone either way.

But of course, the deciding factor these days — above all others — is do we share the same politics? So you can probably guess where this is going.

Our teetotaling President is about to get dissed by a withered old man who basically spent a lifetime wearing silk pajamas and trading money for sex.

In March of 1990, when Trump was still a New York Democrat, he was on the cover of Playboy Magazine. And why not? The up-and-coming Property Mogul was becoming a household name. ‘Lifestyles of the Rich And Famous’ kind of stuff. (Or, just a few years later it might have been ‘Cribs’.)

He knew all the right people, attended all the right parties…

Why NOT put him on the cover of a magazine?

It’s not like he would ever walk away from the Liberals and go into politics for the other team or anything, right? C’mon! He’s from New York!

Oops. Who knew?

Hugh Hefner’s son – and the current CCO of Playboy – Cooper wasn’t even born when then-businessman Donald Trump was featured on the cover of the company’s iconic magazine.
And yet the 25-year-old has revealed that he is ‘personally embarrassed’ by the decision to feature the now-President on the front of the publication’s March 1990 issue.
In an interview in which he discussed his plans to make Playboy relevant for a new generation, the company’s chief creative officer made it clear that although the President is known to admire his father, Playboy founder Hugh, the feeling is certainly not mutual as far as Cooper is concerned.
‘We don’t respect the guy,’ Cooper told the Hollywood Reporter of Trump and his presidency.
He then elaborated: ‘There’s a personal embarrassment because Trump is somebody who has been on our cover’. –DailyMail

(It wasn’t immediately clear who was included in his use of ‘we’ — the family or the company.)

But it shouldn’t really surprise us. Media has weaponized for the culture war, and like so many others, Playboy has picked a team.

‘Yes, there are lifestyle components to Playboy, but it’s really a philosophy about freedom and, right now, as history is repeating itself in real time, I want Playboy to be central to that conversation,’ he said.

Oh yes… they’re SO very persecuted.

See how they’re all languishing in prison with their untold millions.

Here’s a question, though, if anyone’s keeping score…

Trump, is some sort of super-villain that he’s embarrassed to have on the cover of his magazine.

But Charlie Sheen, to pick one example, used to actually Party at ‘the Grotto’. It seems like it happened pretty frequently. We can’t help but notice that there’s no ’embarrassment’ there. Or maybe we just missed the formal denunciation of Sheen.

Right… he’s still a liberal. Never mind.

Won’t somebody please help them? Oh, here’s an idea.

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