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The Real ‘Biggest Problem’ Facing America … That Nobody Is Addressing

If you agree Liberty is our most cherished possession, then any threat to Liberty is the most dangerous problem.

After all, without Liberty, we have no ability to enjoy God-given rights protected by our Constitution. Without Liberty, we cannot live a life of self-determination, we cannot pursue happiness. If we lose Liberty, we lose everything that makes life have meaning, and without meaning, there is no life. Therefore, to lose Liberty is to lose life itself.

Is there any argument we have been losing Liberty, step-by-step, for decades?

When elitists in government rule via the administrative state—extra congressional bureaucratic regulation—which ignores the will of the people, you have lost the right to self-government, and therefore you have lost the very center of what it means to be an American!

When politicians cause more problems than they solve, make promises, then ignore those promises, ignore or contradict our founding principles, and routinely break the law, do you still have representative government, “of, by and for the people”, such that Liberty is preserved and advanced?

When you are taxed too much to feed the spending addiction in Washington, knowing we are plummeting into disastrous debt, that most of our money is wasted by government, have you any hope of enjoying the fruits of your labor, of realizing the blessings of economic freedom?

When the government spends your money to enter a side deal with the United Nations to bring hundreds of thousands of jihadists to this country to impose Sharia Law, a direct attack on your Liberty, do you yawn, or become outraged?

When the government uses your money to indoctrinate your children to believe things we have always held to be wrong, sinful, even evil—do you even sense the active aggression directed against you and your Liberty?

When you cannot speak you mind any longer without fear of reprisal sanctioned by government, do you still have a 1st Amendment right to free speech?

When you are told you cannot fully participate in this Republic so long as you hold religious values that contradict majority rule, are you aware the Liberty goes only so far as your willingness to submit to the mob?

When you cannot run your business according to your own conscience, a conscience shaped by God, and centuries of tradition, and when you face fines, threats, jail, and even violence should you exercise your right of conscience, do you begin to conclude Liberty has already been seriously injured, perhaps beyond remedy?

When your house can be ransacked by agents of the state based only on an accusation—-no charges, no warrant, no hearing, no probable cause—ONLY AN ACCUSATION . . . then we are all potential targets of the state.

For many decades Americans learned about citizenship, about what it takes to be a good citizen, about honor, virtue, responsibility, good manners, common sense, and the oath, to protect and defend the Constitution from enemies, both foreign, and domestic. But we let our guard down. We let anti-American voices take over. We fell asleep at the wheel. We forgot our oath. And we forgot the One who makes the whole system work, the One True God who gives us the strength and the wisdom to live as free people.

So in the end, the most lethal problem we face is of our own making—our rejection of the One True God—deciding instead to rely on our own wisdom, resulting in the loss of Liberty, the loss of all that makes life meaningful and worthwhile to begin with, including the loss of position to be of utmost blessing to the poor, the widow and the orphan.

photo credit: erin m Another Ghostbusters Sky via photopin (license)

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Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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