Thug Pulls Gun On Cops – Cops Make A Canoe Out Of His Noggin

Written by K. Walker on August 7, 2017

Bodycam footage has been released of a recent shooting of a civilian by police officers, and it makes everything pretty darn clear.

In Las Vegas on August 1 at around 4:45 pm, two officers were shot by a theft suspect.

On Sunday, a man reported that his cell phone was stolen from his car while he was in a grocery store. The victim later tracked his cell phone to an area where a pickup truck was parked.

Officers approached the suspect, Miguel Salas, 25, and asked him to step out of the vehicle, which he refused to do.

New police protocols have been put in place to engage the suspects and try to convince them to comply rather than making them comply with force.

It appears that the officers were attempting this tactic when the suspect suddenly pulled a gun on them.

This is in line with the new age of police training. Officers used to be taught the “Ask, Tell, Make” method of gaining compliance. You used to ask somebody to do something, then when they refused you’d tell them to do it, and if they’d still refused, you’d make them do it.

Ask, Tell, Make results in officers using force more often, so training is now focusing on talking to people in an effort to convince them to comply. Officers may skip straight to a use of force if the suspect is presenting a threat or indicates that they may become violent.

Critics of the new training say that it gives suspects more of an opening to escape or attack while officers are busy coddling them.
Source: Blue Lives Matter

Watch eyewitness video: (LANGUAGE WARNING)

Officer Richard Nelson was shot in the abdomen through a gap in his ballistics vest. He is currently in stable condition.

Officer Daniel Demarinis narrowly missed injury — the bullet hit his gun belt.

Salas fired nine times and it was initially reported that he shot himself.

The coroner determined that he was shot in the head by Officer Richard Nelson.


Sheriff Tom Roberts of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told NBC that the officers should have acted more quickly, ‘In my opinion, they may not have escalated it enough. He was giving all the telltale signs and they probably should’ve pulled him out a little more aggressively earlier.

There has been a lot of anti-cop rhetoric on the left, and people are upset about the use of force.

What gets lost is the lack of compliance.

That raises the risk of the use of force.

Perhaps we should be telling that to the anti-cop crowd.

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