Watch: Car Plummets 5 Stories From Parking Garage – Was The Driver A Man Or Woman?

Written by K. Walker on August 11, 2017

Five stories is a long drop. You’ve got to really go out of your way to screw up THIS badly.

Worse yet, it’s the SECOND time THIS YEAR that someone has pushed through the barrier.

This is a solid contender for the WTF story of the day:

Judge for yourself:

Surveillance footage of car falling off parking garage in Aust…

Noelle Newton on FOX 7 obtained surveillance footage of the moment when a woman plummeted seven stories and hit another vehicle after she drove off the side of a parking garage in downtown Austin, Texas back in July. VIDEO: Austin Police Department

Posted by FOX 7 Austin on Thursday, August 10, 2017

How would you feel being the driver of the car on the street, there?

Three seconds sooner (or less!), and … pancake.

We regret the unfortunate accident that happened today in our garage and are thankful that no lives were lost. A similar incident happened in September 2016 in the same garage, but on a different floor.

This morning, the car apparently hit the barriers at a rate of speed sufficient to break-through and hit the building across the alley. The garage was built in 1979, and these are the only two such incidents since its construction 38 years ago.

After the previous incident, we engaged a structural engineer to review the situation, and repairs to the safety barriers were performed according to his recommendation. — Fox

And since we know you’re going to ask:

The car was a black BMW.

The driver…

Was a woman.

(Sorry ladies, we don’t make the news, we just report it.)

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