Watch: Drone Footage Of Houston After Hurricane Harvey Is Both Amazing And Sad

Published on August 29, 2017

It’s one thing to see footage of damage from someone’s phone.

But a vantage point like THIS one puts it all in perspective.

One guy took his drone up to a few different altitudes for a look around.

Looking down from above shows just how much they had to deal with.

On the upside, since Houston wasn’t dealing with the same dangerous winds as Corpus Christie, they were, instead, dealing with other issues.

Rain. And lots of it.

When it finally stopped, it had to go somewhere. Here’s what one neighborhood looked like.

The local park was underwater. And just a little further away, there was an enormous patch of open water.

But it was pretty clear that this neighborhood wasn’t even one of the hardest hit.

There was something eerie about seeing only one vehicle on the road in the entire video, too.

What must drone footage have looked like where the water got REALLY high?

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